CARVE EXPORTS has established its dominance in granite industry owing to company’s world-class processing Unit in KISHANGARH whereby the customers get the choice to select the best quality of slabs & tiles in trending size and finish.

Granite Mining


The first step of making a granite slab is to mine the raw granite materials out of the crust of the earth in large, heavy blocks. Granite slabs are attained from specific sites that are known as quarries.

Granite Processing


The dressing machine team dresses the marble blocks from all the sides to make its surface plane and erase natural defects and then reinforced with fiberglass net. Reinforced blocks are brought to the Gangsaw Machine and Cutter to make it in slabs.

Granite Polishing


The process gives the final finish to the slabs. It's achieved through cutting-edge equipment that removes even the smallest grains to even the surface and polishes it to ensure a mirror glass like glow on the slabs.

Polished Granite


Now, the Marble & Granit Slabs are ready to shape your imagination and are then taken to our huge stockyard.

Granite Stockyard


We have a well-maintained quarry, the processing center, stockyard, packaging area and offices which are ultra-modern and fully-equipped with latest machinery.

Granite Selection


Ultimately, our knowledgeable stone experts will provide a great support and resources to help you navigate the stone selection process, so that you can choose the most efficient product according to your needs.

Granite Fitting


You may be curious to know what goes on during installation or how long it takes to complete your granite floor and kitchen countertops. We also provide you suggestions and support for this process.