We are one of the leading manufacturer of high quality natural granite slabs and tiles in various vibrant colours of large variety.


We are a continuous supplier of High Quality Indian Marble and Granite Tiles and Slabs in around all parts of INDIA.


We are a renowned exporter and wholesaler of Natural Granite Stones. Our range includes Rock Solid Hard Granite Tiles and Slabs.

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We started from small marble craving company in our home town KISHANGARH in Rajasthan. Kishangarh is the most famous for its marble and granite market. From carving marble goods we have sucessfully evolved into other branches of natural stone industry from mining of marble, sandstone, granite, quartz etc to dressing minned blocks into dimension stone of all natural colors available in India and to produce polished slabs, tiles etc as per your needs.

Our product range includes Indian Marble, Imported Marble, Granite range and multi coloured sand stones which presents varied options and also aims to meet our customers' expectations and demands. We are serving all over major cities across India and Abroad.